Revival Today

By Norman Grubb

August 1958

The Holy Spirit in the earthly Body of Christ has always been God’s continuous answer to the assaults of Satan. He is now in His Body, ever seeking to release Himself in power through His people. And that is another way of speaking revival. We believe that God’s answer to Satan today is constant, world-wide revival, and we do not believe this comes in some far-off event. Some of us are seeing Him working in revival power in our lives and those of others. It is no difficult thing. The Reviver always witnesses to the Blood. The Blood always cleanses from sin. Sin is always recognized when we call anything in our lives which is less than God’s perfection, what He calls it, SIN, and no longer call it by some less humiliating name, such as infirmity, natural make-up, weak spot, nerves, difficult circumstances, or difficult neighbor.

To confess my sins is to call them what God calls them (for the word “confess” means to “speak the same thing”) and the Blood never cleanses excuses, but always cleanses confessed sin. Conviction in the light of God, confessing, cleansing, cups running over – that is continuous revival. And when these continuous gracious dealings with the Lord in our daily lives are shared in fellowship with others, that is revival transmitted. It is as simple as that. Individuals and churches world-wide are beginning to experience and walk, this daily walk with Jesus, this revival walk with Him and one another.

Revival is as near to us as that; indeed it is in our heart and in our mouth, as Paul said. This is God’s present-day answer to Satan and it is within reach of us all – to walk the revival way ourselves, to learn to walk it in two’s and three’s in our homes, to walk it as church communities and to pray for the immediate spread of it through the whole Church.