Remembering Early Days – abt 1945

A Printing machine!  Yes and all the necessities to make it operative.  C.T. Studd visualized the usefulness on the Field of a plant to meet the growing demand for literature, hymn books, Bible helps, etc.  Then Jack Harrison, knowing how essential that outfit would be began developments.  In 1931, the first printing Shop was being built, 1932 saw it as a commission.  They were thrilling days.  Small editions of books, hymn sheets and so on came from the Press.  

Demands increased and the work required a full-time Printer.  God answered prayer, not by giving a Printer but one of the missionaries called to the work.  Literature needs became pressing and Harri (Jack Harrison’s nick-name) felt he should issue a series of books covering the New Testament.  Only the Gospel of St. John was produced before his home call.

It was no time for sorrowing, advance was essential so the battle was continued.  The demand still increased and other Missions sought our publications.  From editions of 500, we went to 1,000, then 2,000, and now generally 5,000.  Some books have gone into 3rd and 4th editions.  To keep pace with the jobs, a second machine had to be purchased and through a helpful gift from C.I.C., it was obtained.  Expansion necessitated a new building; it was dedicated and opened in 1953 but with the advancement continually, the two buildings are now barely adequate to accommodate the work.  A third machine was installed, a fourth awaits assembling.  The laborious hand-setting is proving too slow, a Linotype machine seems to be the answer.  From Australia came word that £721 had been given for the machine.  From C.L.C., we had a generous gift of £400 and with these, we hope to get the Linotype machine and electrical equipment.  

Does this all read too easily, are we expecting too much?  Every inch of the way has been contested, every advance countered.  And now the newest attack is attraction.  Large salaries are being offered the men and some have left for a commercial job.  The need is pressing and more European staff must be recruited.  Added staff means added advances, visions so far unfulfilled will become realities.  From the B.F.B.S., we get the Scriptures, from the S.G.M., their booklets and with our own publications, we give to needy souls life-giving literature.  Hence, we press on in this warfare from which there is no discharge.