Linda Bunting — This is bringing back memories that molded discernment in me as I watched Norman. One being, the evening two friends and I were sitting in on the directors meeting of Faith At Work and the book “I’m OK, You’re, OK”, which was a best seller, and they were promoting that theme in their meetings. We were going around the circle saying the good we thought of ourselves. When it got to Norman (thank God he spoke before us) he lowered his head and said very quietly, “I don’t think we fit here”….. The room fell silent and he proceeded to say: “You see, there is nothing good in us; only Christ is our goodness.” Well, of course he spoke at the meetings, but was left in his room, alone, the rest of the time with us. No one was beating his door down to hear what he had to say which gave us time to sort  things out. — Oct 2020

Siju George — I just came to office after reading the Summit Living daily devotional. Norman’s writings get me closer and closer to understanding the word of God in its fullness. I like it that when serious and unbelievable topics come in the word of God he does not work around it making a compromise, but tackles them head on even to the point of winning the title ‘heretic’ just like Jesus who won the title of a ‘demoniac’. With everlasting love — 2014

Ken Kops — I would need to write my own book to describe how I’ve gained through the writings of Norman Grubb. I’d like to commend your efforts with this website, and I’m curious to know if you will be including his dynamic days with Union Life. Thanks again for bringing this together – one body in Christ. 10/24/2020

Darlene Breed — I’m so grateful to have learned from Norman this one thing, I can be perfectly He in my human flesh. What a step of freedom that was and continues to be for me!

Vijay Paramsothy — I have been reading Knight of Faith and blessed by it. His letters tell us more about his beliefs than does his books. It shows us his deep spirituality in his thinking. I am so glad I read it because I have read a number of critics to his writings. However, I have yet to find anything which he wrote as not spiritual – if one sees the spirit behind the letter – there is no confusion.

Mosi Methula — I’m a devoted believer of the body of Christ. I too am 16; in which my dad has been subscribed to Norman Grubb for several years now. He has been sending me Norman letters For over a year, so here I am—to stay subscribed until the day I will go to live in my Fathers house.

John Middleton — I just wanted to thank you so much for introducing me to Norman. Norman showed me the way to the real Christ. I was wandering around at the time it has been such a revelation. Now I can’t help seeing Christ…  And when I  catch a glimpse in the mirror of his back as he passes through … now instead of hiding I go running to him.

Sarah Cohen — Norman Grubb teaches deep truth that few seem to even know about let alone teach. Thank you Jesus for making Norman

Nancy Thompson — Who says it so beautifully as Norman? Who ever dreamed God had in mind for us to wrap us up with the ‘choicest’ of His vessels! I pinch myself all the time in dumbfoundedness!  (I don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean), Incomprehensible love! By the Living Spirit of our Resurrected Lord, we are one in Christ with God! John chapter 17 Glorious!

Sara Tinneti — I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to these daily emails from Knights of Faith. I like them so much I hate to open them, knowing that I will have to wait a whole day to read another. NG’s audios have been, for the past couple years, my greatest source of encouragement in the Lord. Thanks for taking the time to choose these little excerpts and send them out. I will no doubt order the books too, when I get to it.

Judy East — I love seeing our “perfect God” through Norman’s eyes!

Ginny — I met Norman Grubb and heard him speak (he was sitting in a student’s desk with a cassette recorder in front of him on the desk arm. No fuss just a real man with a message of freedom. He didn’t expect to be treated like a star. But what he said and has written really had an impact on my life as a believer. I feel privileged to have been there. Great memory! This same day that Norman was talking/teaching from the student’s desk with socks that didn’t match exactly, started his talk and within a few minutes stopped because his teeth apparently were bothering him. He simply popped them out and proceeded without embarrassment for the next 1 1/2 hrs. I didn’t think anyone else thought about it much longer than he did. I loved it! He was not there to be adored as some super saint, he had that one great key message to share and it was salve to our souls and more importantly confirmed what was already in our spirits. He ate lunch with us lowly newcomers and was as friendly and real as if we had known him for years. It was a great memory, something I will always cherish. I almost envy the people who were close friends of his and had him to supper in their own homes. What a delight! His focus was always Jesus Christ in you, the hope of glory. Don’t know how many times I read Yes, I AM and many of his other books. So encouraging.

Nancy Gilmore — Who says it so beautifully as Norman? Who ever dreamed God had in mind for us to wrap us up with the ‘choicest’ of His vessels! I pinch myself all the time in dumbfoundedness!  (I don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean), Incomprehensible love! July 14, 2009

Roy Putnam — “When Norman Grubb speaks its like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant.” (NPG wrote Foreword for Roy’s In It to Win It)

LeOla Postlethwait — Am listening to Norman’s audio True Use of Self. Boy! I love that man!  He reminds me of the I Cor. 2 psg where Paul says – ‘I did not come to you with excellency of speech or of wisdom declaring the testimony of God…I was in weakness, fear and much demonstration of the Spirit and of Power!’ Woo-hoo! First he’s stammering and stuttering…then he starts off like a machine gun spewing out Truth’s that are so powerful…staccatto-like! So fast I have to go back, again, and again, and again…to try and make any sense out of him. (well, I don’t have to tell you anything about NPG) I am transcribing it for myself.  Print them out and fall asleep smiling! Xxoo

Robert McDonald — My theological training was in Sydney at a College mildly Calvinistic, thoroughly Evangelical, and in my thinking the only Anglican Seminary worth considering.  Now, no one wants to know me, because Jesus Christ is my Life! When I moved into parish work the Charismatic phenomenon was beginning.  I imagined this was all it claimed to be, so began to have meetings in the church hall.  People came from all over, but He brought me out of that, mainly because I was convicted by the Spirit of being dishonest – fabricating prophecies for those who had a felt need, for example – “….thus saith the Lord…etc”. Finding the Union message and Jesus Himself AS who I am has brought freedom with it – freedom from religion and self-effort.  It is a joy just to BE me, and find the Church growing with members who agree with that all around the world…. — 2010