There are countless men and women whose lives were impacted by Norman Grubb in his eighty years of sharing the Life of the One in Whom he had believed, and took as his Saviour as a young man – Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit took Norman into depths far beyond his salvation mainly being for a future eternity, and on to a present-day living Christ…revealing the truth of Gal 2:20 to him…that he was not left on his own efforts to ‘try’ to live the Christian life, but that it was Christ who lived his life! He wrote many books during his lifetime, about this fundamental truth of the gospel, each one with greater light and understanding. He also traveled worldwide to churches, conferences, and homegroups sharing what he had been given with all who asked him to come. The following stories are from a few of those who knew him as a beloved and trusted friend, teacher and mentor.

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