“We have been looking, in these sessions, to see how God manifests Himself in His human agencies, which are God in human form. In Old Testament days, when the time had not yet come for His final revelation of who He truly is – love and nothing else – He manifested Himself in holiness together with His presence in prosperity and mercy by which those who obeyed and trusted Him in a personal or national way could see the kind of Living God that He is. These men and women of the Old Testament were great because, in different ways, they were manifestors of the Living God in His greatness.

We now center our attention on one man, less known by name, Mordecai, the foster father of Esther. The book is given the title of Esther. It should have been given the title of Mordecai. Esther was wonderful, but God through Mordecai was more wonderful. However, that is only a detail.

The Jewish nation was going through one of their periods of seemingly external desertion by God. Actually it was the other way around because they had turned their backs on Him and sought earthly alliances, even to the point of having other gods. God’s power is always in operation but if we are utilizing another power we are linking our faith and cooperation to some apparently strong, but really weak, human resources. Then God leaves us in the power of those human resources until, once again, He comes through in deliverance when those concerned relate themselves back to Him in His love and power, which in those days were particularly centered on His own people.

God’s people today are universal people – the whole world is His people today, and all are conscious sons who have consciously received Jesus. In those days He had a special nation to whom He gave His first primary revelations of law and grace, a preparation by means of which a nation of the flesh was to be replaced by the nation of the Spirit. God’s Holy Nation today is people with Himself within them, the human spirit indwelt by the divine Spirit, as human manifestations of Him. That’s the Holy Nation!”

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