Published 2006 to 2021

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Hearts Set Free

Published 2021

Hearts Set Free describes the true and living reality Norman Grubb brought to the body of Christ in his rich 75 years of ministry. This truth of our lives bound in unfettered freedom in Christ is a treasure found in every book of the bible. As the Holy Spirit gives us eyes to see and ears to hear, this reality soars within us! In these Epistle talks Norman thoroughly explores God’s untold wealth for man by bringing him into his full inheritance of a life of true freedom in our union with Christ.

Journeys of Faith

Published 2015

Journeys of Faith is a book of the discovery of our own lives in each life from the Old Testament. You will repeatedly recognize yourself while discovering revolutionary truths about these well-known ‘friends’ from our family history!

Abraham…Isaac & Jacob…Moses…Joseph…David…Esther…Job……

Think on These Things

Published by AuthorHouse – 2014

During the last decade of Norman Grubb’s life, in addition to the hundreds of letters he wrote each month, Norman penned several booklets in his quest to leave the body of Christ what had become to him an ever more clear understanding of the Lord’s revealings throughout Scripture. I chose Think on These Things as the title knowing he so desperately wanted each one who believed in Jesus Christ to come into their full inheritance described in these writings. In Think on These Things you will find a collection of his last booklets, as well as several transcribed talks.

The Meaning of Life 

Published by AuthorHouse – 2010

The Meaning of Life is the transcription of a series of six talks given by Norman Grubb in the early 1970’s to Camps Farthest Out, a non-denominational group of Christians seeking to find the deeper truths of God…of themselves…of life…and how to live it. CFO had numerous guest speakers and this was one of several times Norman shared his `knowings’ with them. Norman’s passion and joy was always to tell every seeker how a perfect God lives in His perfectly created humans.

The Japan Talks, Karuizawa 1954 where Norman Grubb gave this series of addresses in 1954 at the Evangelical Missionary Association of Japan and Deeper Life Conference in Karuizawa, Japan. In these eight days of love and fellowship he pours out his own ‘missionary heart’ to them as only one who has “walked their walk” can do! We, the reader, also profit from his wisdom as he thoughtfully develops each stage of our union with Christ from the beginnings in our new birth to our entire sanctification and finally as intercessors for our worlds… “Little children, Young men, Fathers.”   Throughout the days shared we find Norman’s life motto…”Not God and – but God only!” 

My Dear C.U.M.B.: Norman Grubb’s Letters To The Cambridge University Missionary Band 1922-1989

Published by AuthorHouse 2016

In a college room at Cambridge University in 1920 twenty four young men, who had heard God’s call to the mission field, knew they wanted to keep in touch after they had gone their separate, God-appointed ways. They had formed a close bond during the previous years at Cambridge as they prayed together, studied their Bibles together and shared their faith in Jesus Christ with fellow students, calling themselves the Cambridge University Missionary Band (C.U.M.B.). In the next seventy years these men would be involved in worldwide movements of the Holy Spirit.

Knight of Faith: The letters of Norman Percy Grubb – Volume II

Published by AuthorHouse 2006

Knight of Faith: The letters of Norman Percy Grubb – Volume I

Published by AuthorHouse 2006

Norman Grubb’s letters published in three volumes will reveal a remarkable, yet very human, person who spent a lifetime seeking God’s face, believing ” by virtue of the absurd” and relentlessly sharing in every way possible that which God had given him.  The world will not always recognize the true knight but he is there . . . butcher, baker or candlestick maker . . . or . . . a housewife with a vision of the impossible!