Welcome Page

Welcome! We hope you enjoy and thoroughly explore the life and works of Norman Grubb, which we have endeavored to share throughout this site. He was a most unique man…the Martin Luther of our day…whose response was always faith in whatever circumstance God brought to him…relentlessly believing God in spite of the appearances! He loved unconditionally, and unfailingly encouraged us to walk by faith. Our ‘gift’ in knowing him included each one being seen as his equal in Christ. Always by faith, his encouragement was…

“Not God and…but God only!”

The incredible vista in the photograph on our Homepage was chosen as it so beautifully represents the unlimited heights, depths, and scope in God’s mind and heart for Norman’s life. Not only did these plans involve Norman’s life, but also the countless numbers of us, whose lives he would deeply impact over his 98 years through his mission, his books, his letters, speaking engagements, tapes and videos, and his always open heart and listening ear……and as he will for the generations to come! One of these lives is Ole Henrik Skjelstad, our photographer, who also appears in the photo. He is representative of the many who have come to know their union and oneness with Christ Jesus through Norman, who brought “the way of God more perfect” to our generation. Throughout our website, you will see others and hear of Norman’s impact on their lives.

We pray the Lord’s blessings as you read and discover, and that the Holy Spirit would “give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, and that the eyes of your understanding are enlightened” to the truths of our life in Christ.

I host the website and the wizard geniuses behind the scene, who make it all happen, are John Collings and John Middleton. Our hope is that you will tell us your stories of knowing Norman or of how his sharings have impacted your life…or both! Enjoy this feast of the Godhead in the bodily form we knew as Norman P Grubb.

DeeDee Winter