Seeing Single

By Norman Grubb

(taken from a talk given by Norman on the book of Job)

Speaking of Job getting “settled in God” he says:

“You come to the fact that this is a settled fact in life. It evidently wasn’t quite a settled fact yet in Job because he could be unsettled. You see, if you are really settled in God, you are not unsettled again. You can momentarily but you’re not unsettled again because you’re fixed in God. You only know God in faith & knowledge of God in His perfection. You don’t KNOW evil, it’s not there! Evil disappears! You see God in Jesus Christ! Law is not there, judgment is not there, sin is not there — you don’t see it! — nor does God — you’re living in His dimension! And you’re not unsettled. You don’t see it! Maybe you’re a little unsettled when it comes up as a temptation, but you don’t argue about it. If you argue about it it shows you’re not settled.”

And another:

“We project a frown from ourselves on God. He says ‘Don’t eat of that tree’ — live in Life — if you eat of that tree I warn you, you come onto the warning side of God — you’re not IN with God — God appears to you as if he has a frown! There is NO LAW in grace — it’s FINISHED! That’s why we’re free. Until you know that there appears to be a mixture — there’s a God with a frown and a God with a smile. But he takes us through everything to settle us more and more in Grace — IT’S ALL POSITIVE!”