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Photo from Norman Grubb's autobiography: Once Caught, No Escape

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Norman and Irving Harris

at Norman’s 90th birthday

WEC Conference India 1954

CT Studd

In a radical moment - from WEC Archives

50th Wedding Anniversary.

Norman and Pauline .....WEC Archives

Norman and Steward Dinnen

From WEC Archives

Norman and Sandie

From WEC Archives

Visiting C.T.'s Gravesite

From WEC Archives

1938 in Los Angeles

Norman with Mr GB Studd (CT Studd's brother) - WEC Archives

Undated 1960s?

Norman front, second from left, on the verandah at Bulstrode (twisted balustrade at right) - WEC Archives

Undated  news cutting (1938?)

"Mr Norman P. Grubb in North America" - WEC Archives

1950  - Isle of Wight holiday conference, UK

left to right - Norman Grubb, Charlton Smith, Gregory Smith (Ruanda) - WEC Archives

1953 - New Zealand

WEC NZ Council members with Norman seated centre - WEC Archives

1964 - WEC USA council meeting

Norman 3rd from left (stone wall background) - WEC Archives

C.T. Studd

Shortly after arriving in Africa...WEC Archives

W.E.C Newspaper

With history including the first W.E.C. headquarters.

The home of C.T. Studd

17 Highland Road, London, S.E.19, was the first headquarters of W.E.C.

Notice of Norman's Military Cross was published in the London Gazette

About 1913 - Picnic at Marlborough

The Grubb Children:

Priscilla Grubb, Paul Grubb and Ruth Voyle

Two Great Souls

Rachel Scott with Norman

Dan Stone, Laruie Hills and Norman Grubb in England - 1979

In the Army 1914-1919

In Australia with a little friend. 1950's

Christmas Card

With a friend 1958


India 1940's

Looking Natty!

At Norman and Pauline’s 60th Wedding Anniversary…Dec. 1979 with Kay Krattli

Pauline Studd Grubb

With Joyce Davis at Pocono Retreat in 1960

With nephew, Richard Barclay…1991

Speaking in India

With Virginia Kennedy and her children on a visit in 1959


98th Birthday

Praying with Friends

Norman and Phil Jordan on his 98th birthday.

Norman Grubb Portrait

by Jim Seward that hung at International Christian Leadership's Fellowship House


William Nagenda & Family

William was very involved in the Rwanden Revival and worked closely with Dr. Joe Church.


NPG, from the days when he was known as Rubi.

Postscript on a letter from Norman

"Remember you are already wholly in His hand. He has joined Himself to you, and you to Him - so just dare to recognize this. Don't - "give yourself" to Him - just recognize that He has you whether you like it or not!"


Norman and Pauline at home.

Photos on mantle l to r Norman and Pauline; the Three Cricketing Brothers, J.E.K, C.T. and G.B Studd; Henry Percy Grubb, Norman's father; C.T. Studd in Africa; Mrs. C.T. Studd (Priscilla) and Linton Woods who gave him the money to build the house.

Norman digging into a favorite book....

Jacob Boehme or William Law, perhaps?

Getting ready at 92 to go on a boating adventure with friends in the South.

Norman at a home meeting in the 1970's

NPG in a home meeting in the 1980's

Norman seeing his favorite meal being brought in for his 90th birthday...a McDonald's hamburger and fries!

Norman with Elliot and Mary Tepper,

WEC missionaries who have a work called Betel dealing with those who have AIDS, three weeks before the Lord took him.

Norman with his nurse, Cheryl.

After he was housebound. It was Cheryl who was with him when he was "glorified".

Norman at Home

Spring 1991

Mrs. Studd

It was her only time to see her husband, C.T. the whole time that he was in Africa . . . the last 16 years of their marriage.

NPG with Fred and Jan Pruitt

at a conference in Louisville

NPG at a home meeting.

Norman's home in the Congo

Rees Howells


Rees Howells, Norman Grubb, Pauline Grubb, Mrs. Howell, unidentified woman

Norman at Tony and Bette Ketcham's

Norman speaking

at the September meeting at the Buntings in the 1980's

Norman at a home meeting, using his favorite reference book!

Norman’s pre-war knee injury gave him problems in his war service. His injury was sustained in his trial rugby match when a master tackled him. He refers to this on page 26 of his autobiography

Norman’s decommission papers dated Jan 6, 1919 at Fovant, near Salisbury Wilshire.

Norman’s papers for return to England for treatment on his knee. No 10 (Cause for Return Large body in knee joint) The problem was an inflammation of a 3 yr old dinjury, caused by his tent blowing down in a storm.

CT with Banjo

This was Norman's favorite picture of his father-in-law, CT Studd.

C. T. Studd the Cricketeer

C.T. Studd in the heart of Africa

The Studd Girls

The Four Olive Branches

The Studd Girls

The Four Olive Branches

Pricilla Stewart Studd

Norman Grubb

NPG and Gloria Spann - 1976