Neville Prosser

Now I’m not going to start at the beginning, don’t want to bore too many. But to set some sort of order.  

I had already believed in Christ Jesus for quite a few years and as one does I was reading as much as I could on how to be a good Christian, as our church was and still is, (although we no longer attend it) performance-based. So I will start with my picking up a book titled; “The Intercession of Rees Howells”, by Doris M. Ruscoe. There were a couple of reasons I purchased this book. 1 It was based in a period of history that I quite enjoy reading about, the second world war, more particularly Britain during that time. And that’s where this book starts. 2 It’s based in my home country, Wales, although now I live in Australia, for my heart is forever in Wales. Silly I know but that’s me. 3 It’s about a Welshman.

I devoured this book. Here was a man I thought; who knew God like those in the Bible and he had Welsh blood. I kept asking myself. Where are these people now? From there I wanted to know more of Rees Howells. Enter that most wonderful book I have read, much to my wife’s amusement at least three times a year almost since purchasing it, I can’t remember when. By Mr. Norman Grubb, “Rees Howells Intercessor”. Some times I would stop and say to Michelle, my wife, listen to this. And I would read aloud something that has struck me. My God the book can bring me to tears in wonderment and longing.

But now we jump forward a few years I can’t remember how many, but it was probably due to me Googling Rees Howells that I came across Norman Grubb on the web. Then the  Facebook page of Norman Grubb, which has opened up all these wonderful people to me, all believing the same thing. The fixed fact of Gal.2.20.

Normans’ posts are the very first thing I read every morning when I turn on the world for the day.

I would like to let you know why I decided to write this short piece because I think it will reveal to you what Norman Grubb has revealed in me on our most wonderful Jesus Christ in God. Plus this little episode, one of a few over that last few years only just happened. My goodness, the stuff Christians can call you.

I was having a conversation with a very well known person the other day, no names. In fact, he was present on the day Christ revealed Himself to me, that was pretty amazing let me tell you. In our conversation much was said, all in love and respect, he asked me what church I now attend. I said I don’t go anymore. Why? He asked we all need fellowship. I said. I don’t like being told how to be better at being Christian, plus I would drive pastors nuts. Didn’t go down very well. Then I said, (name) we are seated in heavenly places, In fact (name) we are made righteous in Christ. At that point, eyebrows were raised. That’s where the association of being religious started. Then I was asked. Where is your fruit? Oh my goodness, I thought where do I start. So I thought, keep this simple, I went on about my incredible family who lights up people’s lives wherever they go and do. Ah! But where is their fruit, are they leading people to the Lord? Then the scripture was quoted to me. Matthew 7:16 You will know them by their fruits. That little conversation went on for quite a while. It was driving home that the Lord revealed to me. My friend is still performance-based. Now don’t get me wrong, the Lord is doing the most wonderful work through this person, in fact, he’s the right man for the job. My point is. I am FREE. Free from any performance, free from having to prove God generous by giving, free from trying to be a better Christian, free from ever having to worry God is going to take away my salvation, free from giving an account on how many I shared my faith with this week.

This is what Norman Grubb through Christ has done for me and my family, and I cannot thank him and Him enough for what He continues to do, day in day out.

Norman Grubb through his writing has and continues to reveal the most wonderful treasure that lives in all men and ladies. The never-ending Love through God the Father in Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. I do not produce fruit…I bear fruit.