Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Jesus said it very simply in Matthew 5 where He said, "If your eye is single it radiates through your body"…your inner eye, of course. If your eye is single, your body is full of light. Single, of course, is seeing one. Then He added the curious statement. He said, "If your eye is evil, your body is full of darkness." But the opposite of single isn’t evil; the opposite of single is double. Why didn’t He say double? Because to see double is evil! Anything but...even see the devil through God, or should I have said God through the devil. If you see anything except God, you’re in trouble. So when you perfectly see a perfect God in perfectly everything…YOU’RE THERE…even with Him in His manipulating everything to that perfection which Rowland spoke and ministered to us this afternoon…that beautiful perfection, which is here now, when we see it clear. All our problems are seeing many things in many people. All our solutions…seeing One only in all things, everything, everywhere, forever. Whew, some glory! That’s the One…All in all. Now when you see what a universe will see one day…the all now will see the end that God may be all, so He’s just all there is…He’s ALL. He’s All in all in His forms of manifestation. You’re a kind of peanut size all in all. Your little "all" is spirit, so you’re lit through your all-body. So the very peanut is inside what we call microcosm, that’s all. This is THE One.

The Meaning of Life