Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

This is created spirit…for instance a very simple point is this – I meet you; you meet me. Maybe we’ve never met before. Suppose your name is Eleanor. I don’t go away saying I met a body named Eleanor. I always say I met a person named Eleanor. I didn’t meet a body; I met a person through a body. Oh, quite different! I imagine some of you begin to express himself or herself out through something and I caught not the body, but the person. So it always really relates to you on spirit level if we understand it. So, see that put, God is Spirit. "Oh," I say, "I see." Of course you know, but not all Christians know – the whole universe is His self-manifestation! So when my eyes open to Him, I see Him everywhere and in everything. Good and evil…got to find God in evil…suppose we’ll go into that later on. Nothing in the universe but God! There’s nothing in the universe but God! One Person only! And He said myriad, myriad, myriad…marvelous forms of manifestation!

So to me life is total worship. I’m thrilled to see our worship here in the early morning. Lovely! Life is total worship to me. Everything I see is a minute form of this wonderful Person…light form, color form, this form, that form, that form. Marvelous! So I see one marvelous Person confessing Himself through some multitude, multitude, multitude of self manifestations. There is only ONE Person. I tell you there is a key there!

The Meaning of Life