Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

When I discovered there is only One Person in the universe, I found something. There’s only one Person in the universe…that’s He. That’s an astounding statement! There is only one Person, and the whole universe is His means of manifestation. I saw that in the Bible…“In the beginning God.” If in the beginning God, everything must be some form of God, or we’ve got more than God. I had to discover life isn’t God and…it’s God only. Get that? It isn’t God and. That’s our trouble. When life is God and, you’ve got a multitude of ands…that’s our trouble! Separation is our trouble. Unity is our secret…or unification, if you prefer that way. It isn’t God and. It’s God only. God is in me. Everything must be a part of Him, some form of Him. And then when I move through Scripture, I find we’re told the end. We’re told the fire of the consummation when the Son will…when last enemy has been destroyed which is death…the Son, in I Corinthians 15, renders up the Kingdom to the Father that God may be all in all.

If He’s all, He’s not ‘some’. If He’s all, He’s all there is! And then when I saw what Jesus had said that gives us an inner revelation of who this Person is…says, "He’s Spirit." I saw! Jesus said that…those two, great, three-worded statements which are the keys to me. This is the first. Jesus said…didn’t say it to some big theologian…said it to the woman in Samaria…"God is Spirit." God is Spirit. Now I understand what Spirit is, because the Bible also says we’re spirits. Bible says He formed our spirits so, you know, our real self…our ‘I Am’…is our spirit. That’s the unchangeable universal you…your ‘I AM’…your ‘I AM’. That’s your spirit. It’s expressed through soul and body…your ‘I AM’…your knowing and desiring and willing. That’s what an ‘I AM’ is…a knower, a desirer, and a willer. That ‘I Am’ must have form of expression or it’s meaningless. So human ‘I AM’ is expressed through our soul and body. Our soul is our reason which expresses our claim to knowledge. It is our emotions which express our desires; and then the body is the outer expression. So a spirit is only manifestable when he has his form of manifestation. So I know The Spirit must be manifested Spirit because we’re spirits – created spirits.

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