Notes from Norman

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Seeing Through

by Norman P. Grubb

I often put it under the terms of the question of, "Who am I?", because all I am is myself. All Iíve got is myselfÖall youíve got is yourself. So I better know how I am and how I function, so I sometimes seek to answer questions, "What is life? If I know what life is, how do I live it? If I know how to live it, why do I live it?" That pretty well covers the kind of things I want to have answered.
Now youíre being blessed in these meetings obviously by what perhaps is more, what suits better, a direct practical application of daily living. We had it from Larry this morning. We had it in Rowland and Marcy this afternoonÖthe practical out-workings. Mine will appear to you more like a theory. By theory I find practice. Theory becomes practice as long as itís not just theory, but truth. But Iím speaking more on that line especially as we begin.

So from there Iíd say the first great background discovery Iíve hadÖrevelation. I wonít use a capitol ĎRevelationí. By revelation I mean something which nothing is real to you unless itís inside you. So the only way it is to have consciousness, is yours. "Quoted my gospel," said Paul, that insider, so itís like using revelation as long as itís revelation thatís already been givenÖnot some new weird thing. So when I say revelation, I mean, "Oh thatís it!" Itís become mine now. Thatís truth isnít it? Thatís what I mean. In my search for some coordination, I felt the areas of life and meaning of life that didnít fit. I missed somewhere more. I got a very simple illustration, but tremendous!

The Meaning of Life