Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Maybe the background Scripture-word I would just repeat. Curiously, it is out of the same letter which we’ve been repeating all of today in Ephesians where Paul spoke to top line Christians. Ephesians are top people, of course. He’s speaking about the heavenly life in the Ephesians’ letter. And to them he said, "Now I pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened." So they had more to find out, although they were top people. "The eyes of your understanding be enlightened"…you come a little more to understand what it is. To move into what? As he said that in his first prayer in the first Chapter to move into what he ended up by, in his perhaps the greatest of all prayers in the third chapter, when he said, “That we might be filled with all the fullness of God.” That’s some statement, isn’t it? "Filled with all the fullness of God!"

So I put those together. "That the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened" which may result in, I won’t say discovery…I’d rather say for many of us it’s confirmation of "the fullness of God". I don’t believe really in teaching, because I believe there is only one Teacher and He’s inside us, because the Bible says so! Biblically, I John 2 says if you have the Holy Spirit, no man need teach you because you know all things. Because when you are in true tune with Him everything is a product of His…so you are in tune with everything really. The Bible says all teaching is really inner confirmation. Isn’t some outer word, so I understand when we share together, I’m throwing something out and you throw something back and between those two the Spirit in me will confirm or deny…confirm or deny or say, "Ok, Ok" or the otherwise. So I say, "Oh, yes, that’s it!" There’s nothing I like or am happier about than when somebody comes to me, "Yeah, I always saw that. I just haven’t seen it put that way." Oh, I say, "That’s it"…because the light is already there! So what we’re talking about these days is only really to confirm what is...what He is...what we are. That’s all.

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