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Divine Madness

by Norman P. Grubb

A new work of Norman's has just been published called The Meaning of Life. It is the transcribtion of a series of talks he did in the 1970's. It is available throught our website I am going to give a preview of it in this next week. Blessings as you read!

I’ve had an inner search for many years. I felt I needed a more total understanding and a more total experience. Of God? Of myself? Of the ways of God? I was always struck by that word in Psalms where it says many of God’s people know His acts…the 103rd Psalm. He made those acts known unto Israel, and His ways unto Moses. I know a person’s acts outside me and I can benefit by them. I know a carpenter’s acts and can benefit by his chair. To know the ways of the carpenter means I am ‘identified’ with the carpenter. He and I are one inside and I learn from him how to operate from inside to produce chairs…… I don’t know that.

So it is one thing for us to start by knowing the wonderful acts of God through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is another thing to become a "co"…co with God, fellowship with God, cooperation…union with God, so that we act as God. We know His ways and are going along with God in His ways. That is what I was after…something more total.

The Meaning of Life