Notes from Norman

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God's Training

by Norman P. Grubb

God knows His own business, and He knows how to train us to the point where we have nothing in ourselves, but Jesus must be our all. You are there now, linked to this troublesome boss, and the girl who works with him. Here is your chance for the love of God to flow through you. He did not keep Himself separate from His enemies, but He joined Himself with them, identified Himself with them by dying for them. So you also forget their attitudes towards you, and ask God to show you how they can see His love in you towards them. If they are unkind to you, look at it from the point of view that they hurt themselves much more than you. As they see your patience and love, God can use that to show them the rottenness of their own selves and their need of Him, even as He has to show you the same.

From Knight of Faith Volume II