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Total Truth

by Norman P. Grubb

Then finally when you speak of the vision of the Union Life Magazine going to “millions of copies” and the day when we fill “football stadiums”, once again, it is obvious that you don’t recognise the cutting edge of our message which will always produce the offence of the cross as with Jesus and Paul, and the evangelical world will not receive it, except in some watered-down version; and the danger of this new objective in Union Life to get the message more widely accepted only means that will be a watered down element. It’s the lack of anything less than total which has created waves.

So you see we really have two different objectives – one to be occupied solely in presenting out Total Truth, with no concern as to how it is received, which has been our glorious main thrust these years and grabbed some while alienating others; but now with another objective, not just of putting out THE TRUTH at all costs, let the chips fall where they may, but rather of making it somewhat even gradually palatable to readers. I think you will find by this latter means folks will gradually come to regard it as “just another deeper life Mag”, and largely bypass it as such: and it is only those who are totally “grabbed’ who will totally involve themselves with us.

From Knight of Faith Vol II