Notes from Norman

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Resurrection Grace

by Norman P. Grubb

I do appreciate your opening your heart and sharing this with me. I take it as from you both. Thank God you went through the deep waters – with Jesus. How many turn back when the rivers of death reach the chin – but you two swam through in His resurrection grace. Hallelujah, there will be a great outcome. I love the tender, broken spirit in your letter, and can sense what it will mean in a future ministry and testimony. I love you both, and thank God for you. God does not want jellyfish. He has found in you two a mature couple, and He has been able to do what He really can do in the more maturer ones – take you through that breaking we all have to have. I am sure the lesson we have all got to learn, we out here with you, is the continual deep open fellowship, then we shan’t need these shattering experiences. God will lead us on.

From Knight of Faith Volume I