Notes from Norman

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All Are God's Ways

by Norman P. Grubb

His ways are not our ways. My life seems so much easier than yours, with time to spend in the things of God, and even one’s work centering around Him. But all are God’s ways. When once we have seen that it is nothing less than Christ Himself living His life in us, then that makes Him a very ordinary person, marking papers and preparing lessons, as you say. It is He Himself doing this; and as you recognize it in this fact, then you relax in Him, even though your mind has to be centered on these mundane things. Don’t let resentment or rebellion against the way He has chosen to live His life in you mar the central rest which proceeds from the not I, but Christ relationship. That is living; and to “live in the truest sense” is only Christ living in His most mundane way through us, as He pleases. Christ is really seen in deeds of faithfulness, such as your teaching life, not in the many words and nice thoughts which make up so much of ours! So let Him live on in you!

From Knight of Faith Volume I