Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

My vision in our coming together is definitely not that we gather round a “speaker”, or for a “seminar”, or something “structured” like that. No, we all come a fellow-sharers, fellow-contributors, each of us with something God has shewn us, each in the original way He reveals Himself to each. And I don’t mean by that just a “word” out of our personal experience, but that each of are ready to put into words how we would explain to others what living personal relationship I have with God, what I understand that relationship to be, how I am learning and practising, however feebly, to confront and overcome my personal problems, sins-temptations, in the pressure of daily living, and what I say to others seeking deliverance in their distresses and needs.
We meet, then, as the writer to the Hebrews said not as babes content with milk when we “ought to be teachers”, but rather as those “going on to perfection”, who are putting out teeth into “strong meat” and becoming “able to teach others also”.

From Knight of Faith Volume I