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The One Reward

by Norman P. Grubb

Your ultimate “self” test, when the marriage went wrong, and with it your subtle self-esteem as a reliable person (which, of course, was Satan’s top line form of self-for-self, and many fall back there). ALL PRAISE. Yes, I “caught” the Spirit in my first walk with Rees Howells (not at all a prepossessing man when you first met him, tough old ex-coal miner). BUT! I saw, drank and joined the alcoholics! And yes, thank God, I’ve been thru my many outcast days and really live outcast as far as my normal brethren are concerned, as I outline in my ONCE CAUGHT NO ESCAPE autobiography. The University leaders at Cambridge where God gave me to rebuild the Christian Union and from it start the worldwide IVF of today, publicly repudiated me as “going too far”! But, of course, as you now know, when we do KNOW, when cast out, you laugh and grow fat!! You KNOW, KNOW, KNOW THAT FINALLY ALL IS HE IN HIS VARIOUS HUMAN FORMS; and yes, you are right, there are “rewards” here on earth when you live long enough, but by that time you know the ONE REWARD is when the Spirit by you brings others to find and be themselves as WALKING CHRISTS.

From Knight of Faith Volume I