Notes from Norman

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Spontaneous Living

by Norman P. Grubb

I just LOVE the way, even in this letter, that clear light is so shining, Christ surely running around those school rooms in His Judy form, and how I love you saying you “love” the students. No wonder they invited you to the special line in the “drug” group, they so obviously count you as just “one of them”, not some distant “teacher”. And those chances here and there to put “a word” in. This life, when it actually is He as us, is basically so SIMPLE, isn’t it, because we just BE ourselves and our “joke” is (so hidden until the veil is lifted), and we don’t “try” to “witness” but just BE and along here and there comes the moment for saying something “quite naturally”, and otherwise our very life is “that light shining”.

Taken from Knight of Faith Volume I