Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

It has much that is GREAT far beyond the normal even victory teaching indeed gets hard after “Law”. It is wonderfully Jesus centered and sails quite close to the Total. Often speaks of Christ as us - and plainly shews much of how to walk in the spirit rather than flesh. But no, it misses the spot as we see truth. He majors on Sarx (Greek for flesh!) as if flesh is inherently evil in its desires, but the Bible says not flesh but “sin in the flesh”, and now a condemned prisoner in death row. (Rom.8.3, and we dead to it (not flesh). So this leaves him with having to handle a flesh-nature in us, instead of being able to use flesh (soul-body) as “God manifest in the flesh”. So he isn’t clear on no human nature but only the two deities, indeed he hardly mentions Satan, but puts all his weight on “sarx” which keeps us inward looking instead of seeing ourselves as OK as Christ and Satan the outer enemy invading thru flesh.