Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

You have never commented, on this vital “no human nature, but only deity natures reality,” though you did at first say this surprised you – but it is THE KEY. And it is then, that the answer is obvious to such questions you raised as disturbing – about “moral responsibility” and “mistaken faith”. I can’t but be morally irresponsible with Satan expressing himself as me, nor can I be anything but morally responsible with Christ expressing Himself as me! I can have some measure of temporary soul-body false choices by temptation, just as I have right choices by the Spirit’s ever ‘tempting’ me upwards. (Gen.22.1!) But you see in our union reality it is NO LONGER OUR FAITH. It is Mark 11:22 (margin – the faith OF God), and Gal.2:20 “The faith of the Son of God”, of: not in! So when we speak our ‘word of faith”, we are saying, in the belief that our speaking is His speaking, that HE has done this or that. And even if such faith is mistaken in how that real manifestation will come, GOD will see to that – as with Paul in the famous 2 Cor.12. 8-10.