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Love in Action

by Norman P. Grubb

I don’t think we have to have to have a double vision on faith and works. I am to be occupied by faith which means committal to and consciousness of my inner union with God. But He is love-in-action by me, so that the conscious result of my conscious union is He moving out by me to unveil Himself to others. God works in me “to will and do…” Phil.2:13, so He is the doer also; and my job is not to assess the amount of the fruit, but to keep being what I am, which is He in my human form; and expressing myself (which is Himself) in whatever ways He takes me in ministry and contact with others.

Equally it is not for me to “judge” how far others appear bound in a mechanical or legalistic setting, or oppose or criticize. I am to see God Only in all people, and He is causing them to be and react just as they are, whether negative or positive. Then I can accept them as they are, allow them to be or think as they are or do, and love them because they really are God in their human forms and maybe don’t yet know it. Then I am free to be myself and go on sharing and giving what God gives me, whether they “hear or appear to forbear”. If I judge another, I really judge and bind myself: I am seeing from my little helpless self-attitude. If I see God in another, when it may even appear it is more of the devil than God, then I am free to accept them and love them and just to give what God gives me.

From Knight of Faith, Volume I