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Leaps of Faith

by Norman P. Grubb

I greatly like your linking all of God’s callings to Jesus to faith exercised by Him as a human. I never have had any doubt in my mind, and have often talked that way, that every phase of His affirmations of his Sonship, of Him being the fulfillment of God’s Word through the prophets, of His death, resurrection and finally ascension, were all exactly the same leaps of faith as we make. It is only this that makes it thrilling and real to us, and still inspires us to follow along. I am impressed that in His last supper talk, John 14:17, he makes no reference to His resurrection. He was “through” on that. But all His thought is around the coming of the same Person into the disciples as was in Him. This is the product of the ascension, and the priesthood of Melchisedek. And He now fulfills this priesthood, not only in us, but by us to others. We share that priesthood - that is Hebrews 11.

From Knight of Faith, Volume I