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Vine and Branch...Head and Body

by Norman P. Grubb

I think the point is that we first boldly accept the fact of the union with Christ by faith. That means we are really one, as vine and branch are one or head and body.
Accepting this fact, we take it for granted that the Motivator constantly motivates us. Being our Vine, He is bound to be pouring the sap of His vigor and thoughts and life through us. Being the Head, He is bound to be setting the members in action. These are the disciplines you refer to -- not actions we take except that, as we recognize Him joined to us by faith, He just causes us to speak and act (Phil. 2:13). When we consciously turn from Him, not merely tempted, but responding to temptation, then we sin and return to Him in admission of the sin; but then we immediately move over in faith to the Reality of the Cleansing Blood, where all the past is blotted out.

From Knight of Faith, Volume I