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Victory of faith

by Norman P. Grubb

There is no other way. In all life we are not sure first, and then believe afterwards. No, we believe first (and act as believing), and then we become sure. Hebrews 11.3, "By faith we understand…” not we understand and then have faith. You aren't sure of the chair you sit on until you first sit on it! So God demands of you and me that we bow our hearts and heads to His revealed Word, even when we feel we have reason to think that He has failed us. We simply obey Him, and we do that by taking Him at His Word, right against every feeling of rebellion. It is after we have stepped out in faith, accepted the fact that we in our independence have been crucified and buried with Christ, and now He lives and thinks His thoughts within us, that we find the assurance of faith within us.

From Knight of Faith, Volume I