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From Surrender to Abandonment

by Norman P. Grubb

That is a good saying of Mme. Guyon - from surrender to abandonment. Surrender is mainly passive, I giving myself and perhaps hoping that God wonít take too much. Abandonment is active, we expecting God to take us and share His cross with us. You donít have to feel that to be willing - that is soul-life; you just have to recognize that our highest call is when God can pour Himself out through us, as He shares with us His Self-giving Life; then you accept that by faith and ask Him graciously to make you one upon whom He can put weight. He will do it. Donít look within to take your spiritual temperature; look at Him, and boldly reckon that He will identify you with Himself in loving and giving Himself for the world through you. It is a simple life. It is all He!