Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

No, the curious thing is that it is here precisely we differ from the holiness brethren. I will send you a reply I’ve just written to Ted Hegre, who kindly wrote, because it hits the very spot. If we humans have a nature spoiled by sin, then sanctified by a second work of Grace, then how do we sin again without becoming unsanctified? That is why they are accused of “sinless perfection”. But we are saying that we in our humanity can respond, because it was not a change in us which took place, but in the Indwelling one in us (Rom.8.9 in place of 7.17). Then I grant you the way of saying “as us” does raise questions such as you say, implying “obliteration”. But we might say Jesus saying “Ye are the light of the world” is about the same, when we are in reality only lamps manifesting the light. And such phrases as “ye bear fruit”, when it is the Vines fruit manifested in us the branches etc. And our main point is, as you know it well enough among our Weccers, and far more so among millions of believers, they stumble along in maintaining an abiding relationship as two related to each other, and it is only those in whom there has been the revelation of a fixed inner union consciousness, who freely act as spontaneous Christ-expressors – the “abiding” being merely a recognition of an experienced fact. Paul again says it, “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me”. He admittedly kind of contradicts himself when he adds “liveth in me” when he had just said “yet not I”: but that is just the almost impossibility of expressing a paradox; and we in “union life” move more strongly over to the emphasis that we are He in our form, He as us; for then we are equally spontaneous in us “having the mind of Christ”, and we willing and doing because it is He willing and doing in us. I know it is a fine point, and open to question; but we see the whole Bible full of men, and finally Jesus Himself when The Dove entered Him, speaking and acting as speaking the words of God (Matt.10.20), and doing the deeds of God (John 5:17,19). And as for saying “we spontaneously operate Him”, again it may be a clumsy effort for saying that “we have the faith of God” (mark 11:22); and what else is it if we say to a mountain “Be thou removed” etc. We are operating as God, He at our disposal!

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I