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Sufferings of Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

We see continual identification with Christ in His death, both in our initial entering into our union relationship with Him, and then in all the “pressures” of daily living as a permanent daily sharing of His dyings whether in large or small ways, but it is to us the hidden background to living in resurrection reality in and as Him, and on into ascension. We see this is precisely the whole glory tone of Paul right thru his great intercession letter of II Cor, and particularly given us in the victory paragraph of 4.7-18. We go along with C.T. Studd (a great “sufferer” in human terms as I lived with him in Congo) who wrote “Take my life and let it be, a hidden cross revealing Thee”. And now you see we have not been seeing the glory, as with Paul, but almost total emphasis on your sufferings, which make us regard them as not the true sharing in HIS SUFFERINGS. BUT RATHER flesh-sufferings, not “died to” as the Scriptures shew us to do in our union reality with Him.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I