Notes from Norman

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Light in the Darkness

by Norman P. Grubb

We can only shine or see light when there is dark, so your physical problems are GOD’S DARKNESS FOR YOU, DEAR, TO PRESS YOU INTO SEEING ONLY HIM thru it. Accept your physical kidney weakness. Don’t fight it or resist it. Don’t fight fear or try to be rid of it or take condemnation because of it. Fear is faith reversed into believing evil. So accept the fact of your fears, and then say to yourself and God, “Those fears only come from my outer physical condition, but I am YOU AS ME, and what comes to me through physical deterioration, is PERFECT from YOU.” So offer the “sacrifice” of praise – praise when it hurts to praise.
And, dear, HE is being greatly glorified while you praise Him, when it is difficult to praise. You are accumulating pure gold. See 1 Pete. 1:7 – that believing is your eternal gold! And, love, while you believe and praise against outer appearances you have “the treasures of darkness” (Is. 45:3).

Knight of Faith, Vol.I