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Central Point

by Norman P. Grubb

I enclose what I’ve written on the Adam-Christ matter, so as to clarify that, while it is true that our first Adam as head of the human race has been replaced for us by grace by our Last Adam as Head of the new eternal Family, and that is the glorious fact by grace outlined by Paul in Romans 5:12-21: but this is not to be confused with the two Adams when just spoken of as men (in I Cor. 15.47 with a man-nature, in distinction from them spoken of as “Adams” in v.45), where the vital point remains that both Adams as “men” only operated by “the Spirit” entering them, spirit of error in the fall, Spirit of Truth as The Dove at His baptism: and thus both as “men” are expressors of the “Deity nature” indwelling them, which of course is The central point of our “Total Truth”.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I