Notes from Norman

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Subjectivity is Truth

by Norman P. Grubb

You hit that right again in terms of subjective and objective. That is what I saw most clearly thru our Kierk, and quite a bit further last year when you & I were digging into his “Concluding Unscientific..” together. I saw with Kierk the true meaning of that supposed dirty word “existentialism”. I saw of course it is the ultimate truth. “Subjectivity is truth”: and I saw that objective means that I bypass the disturbing necessity of going into myself to seek and find God’s, not Satan’s self-for-self, reactions in me to every situation: and that alone is true living, and Paul’s “WALKING IN THE Spirit”, while the others, as you say in Paul’s terms is walking in the flesh. Yes I am passionately with you in the only true being is subjectivity – and that is what Kierk means by living “in existence”.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I