Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

I fear it is a fact that the bible believing Christians, unless they have moved right over to a fixed recognition and realization of the union relationship, when by “the baptism of the Spirit” or whatever term they choose to use, [and] it has become fixed in their consciousness that Christ is living their lives, they are Christ in their human forms and thus held by Him rather than holding on to Him, then their only substitute is fierce forms of legalism. That is why we have to face the fact that we are outsiders and go beyond the danger point and are not acceptable. Even in the end you cannot sit on the fence; and if you haven’t jumped over, sooner or later shew up as being still on the legal side of the fence, though you will never admit it and use most of the deeper live clichés! And thus can quickly sense it when a teacher, even with a big name, is still playing around in the shallows.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I