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Our Eternal Unity

by Norman P. Grubb

I know no way except what I told you when with you—all our pressures of all kinds are sent and directed and willed by God Himself in love, because we have never found our eternal foundations until we get the habit by constant repetition of transferring our attention (believing) from what appears to be so real to us to the real fact of our being in Him fixed in eternal health. That does not mean that we do not take any medical helps, we should take all within our reach because all from Him; but despite any continuance of the problem and the sufferings or strains entailed, we keep our attention on our eternal unity with Him, and our perfect perfection, including the body, in Him, and declaring (as you say) the spoken word of faith that we are healed. I know no way but this. I do not look down to see how He manifests His healing. I go on believing, praising, and accepting my present condition (with any medical alleviation) as from Him; and He manifests the level of healing as and when He will.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I