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Christ Our Healer

by Norman P. Grubb

The Lord is entrusting you with some very heavy trials, so He is giving you special chances for faith and praise.
You have been through such deep waters physically. We mustn’t condemn ourselves for having fear and shrinking. We are meant to feel like that as humans, so that we can be cast on God alone; and even when we move over to faith in Him, it by no means always means that the fear or sense of pressure goes. Often we have to walk in faith in our fears. But praise the Lord for the real touch He gave you, and the joy in your heart. You have taken His as your life for body as for spirit, and in this special condition, well then, we must learn to keep seeing Him only as our inner resurrection and life, although constantly we may be tempted to the visible appearance rather than the invisible fact—Christ our healer.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I