Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

"...I had to learn that Godís ways are not ours, and I now know that this was His way for me with His seal on it; and I can say, with so many of you, after these years, that I am still thrilled to have been allowed to find and go Godís way. It is a glorious adventure of faith, life abundant indeed, and as fresh halfway as at the beginning. Thank God, there are no regrets as the years pass, if one has followed the Lord, except that one has not followed much harder.

I have often read with interest and heart-stirring Norman Greenís constant testimony to what the blessing of sanctification has meant to him, and I would like to add my testimony to his. Christian service had much of strain and distress in it, and I was continually terribly self-bound until about 1926. For years I had sought and studied and claimed the full blessing of the Holy Spirit, but in my heart knew that I had no assurance of the answer. The day, during a conversation with Mrs. Penn-Lewis, in which God suddenly lit up Gal. 2.20 to my heart and I knew that He had made it true to me, was a red letter day equal to conversion. There has been an endless amount to learn since then, and always is, above all that Christian living is a daily 100% walk with God, but all the same that moment of revelation opened a door into union and communion with Him which has meant the ease of His abiding presence in place of a struggle to abide. And with that comes the realisation of His fullness for service, and the ability to take hold of Him in simplicity of faith for all that is needed, spiritual and material."

From My Dear C.U.M.B. April 1945