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The Single Eye of Faith in Today's World

by Norman P. Grubb

Our early members were recruited from the leavings of the last war, and we surely never thought we should see another. However, all history shows that the lusts that are in men’s hearts must work themselves out in wars and revolutions, which God uses to form and purify His church until ready to meet Her Bridegroom. So, thank God, we can praise even for this, as we look at it from the Throne. Sin is the supreme tragedy, not suffering. Indeed suffering is often the way that leads to Christ. And, thank God again that we are called to the highest warfare which is in process of destroying the very root and author of war.

For myself, I fought in the last war; but God has shown me clearly in the past three years the truth of those words “My Kingdom is not of this world: if my Kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight”. I see the truth that I now belong to ‘a holy nation’, a spiritual kingdom, already in existence and drawn out of all earthly nations and kingdoms, whose weapons are meekness, love, faith and testimony.

Excerpt from My Dear C.U.M.B. October 1939