Notes from Norman

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Our Real Enemy

by Norman P. Grubb

I can see how you are being taught of God, for you are sensitive to the fact that the only real enemy we have is our own negative believing. We give power to whatever we believe in. That is why the outer world has become so chaotic. And I see you see that when you are surrounded by unbelief in response to your joy or love or desire for fellowship, you are responding by the same spirit of unbelief when we fix our eyes on their unresponsiveness and we are actually building it. This is how God leads us on into maturity by learning this obedience of faith when we suffer, using the impact of the suffering, which causes us to believe negatively the apparent evil, to stir us to exchange it for the positive believing that HE is working hiddenly through these oppositions or indifferences; and then our positive believing and consequent loving accepting attitudes is manifesting Christ to their hiddenly hungry hearts.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I