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The Secret of Victory

by Norman P. Grubb

I think there is only one secret of victory in the Christian life, and that is the moment by moment walk with Jesus. There is no kind of recipe for an automatic life of victory. We are always assaulted by satan, one way or another. But I find the key in simply recognizing the Presence of Jesus in my heart and life just at this moment. Seeing Him with a single eye, I have peace and joy. To do this, we must not allow the devil to disturb us with past memories. We must be thankful for all the Lordís goodness in the past; and if satan disturbs us or condemns us about the past, we must stand steadily in the fact of the cleansing blood by faith - that cleanses from all sin. The same about the future. We must not fear the future, for that is in the hands of Jesus. We can anticipate the glorious day coming when we are with Him again, and with our loved ones, but not anticipate it to the point that we lose sight of the joy of the Presence of Jesus at this moment. So we find satisfaction just in the step by step walk with Him.

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I