Notes from Norman

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Solely Expressors of Him

by Norman P. Grubb

This fire-test, as about the surgery really burns thru to our total, where nothing less stands – so when we KNOW that we are only solely expressors of him as us, and all He is and does is perfect love, then we can stand in the storm of negative fears about surgery, and be looking for the “good things” as in Rom. 8.32 in all that happens, and the “bad” is not in our vocabulary as per Rom. 8.28. That is where the light so shines out to a world constantly knocked over by apparent outer tragedy, where we STAND UP STRAIGHT because we know it is HE standing in and as us! Not without human disturbed feelings, but they are just what gives us our place of “overcoming” – by faith-fact in place of soul-feelings!

From Knight of Faith, Vol.I