Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

I want to remind you, and us all, of the danger of a human “Board”. When CT Studd founded what is now called The WEC (but was then just HAM – Heart of Africa Mission), he wrote a characteristic letter home to Mrs. CT, “We will have only one Board permanently in session, Father, Son and Spirit, and occasionally visited by a forth, the Devil!” But at the home-end Mrs. CT did form a board (Pauline and I were on it). Fifteen years later that Board destroyed WEC (Mrs. CT had gone to the Lord) by dismissing CTS and Pauline and me – the three privileged!!) That, by God’s clever way, as usual, gave us the opportunity, when CT was “glorified” in 1931, of reforming the bits of WEC with no Board again, and the whole WEC functioning by the free right of every Weccer having his or her say, wherever the growing areas of WEC ministry came into being, and with a three-yearly International SEC. appointed by consensus and only called ‘Secretary’ and no such ominous name as “Director”.