Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

I am concerned about how many Weccers do not seem to have had a sense of direct commission to lay their lives on the altar for a specific calling – which Rees Howells taught some of us recognise as an “intercession” – and when we have so laid our lives on the altar, we never take them back. But it seems so often, even with founders and leaders who in a particular sense have that specific calling, when the fierce test comes, put their families before their commission, rather than make their family needs fit into the commission. And Jesus said such strong things about “hand to the plough and looking back”, and forsaking families for Christ. Eric was visiting here and said how concerned they were about the many who “turn back” when their children become teenagers and their family takes precedence to calling, and how they talk to new recruits on this. I wonder if we need somehow to present more completely the implication of an “intercession” on Biblical principles. How can we look for Ghanaians, for instance, who will give their lives without looking back including families and in their case with only possible African churches behind them compared to us who step out from western churches, and expect the type who will cast themselves on God alone for finances and family problems, if we don’t first live it out before them. Is it not a chance to see our children in God’s safe keeping even when they temporarily wander? Surely the answer in our children’s problems is not what we so “preach against” – self-effort in seeking to rescue them – but the stand of faith and total committal, and then of course such reaching out to them as will not take away from our calling.