Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

It seems to me that we keep covering the outer edge in our Leadership Conferences. We have papers on new methods. We have prepared “devotional talks”. We are good at praying, thanking God for what He is, etc; but we never lay ourselves bare as to who we really are and know we are. When you asked in the Weccer for comments on “Dry Spells,” not one gloried in the fact that we do not have dry spells. We permanently live in The River! You see we are not there but pretend we are! We DON’T HAVE DRY SPELLS in the Spirit-union. And if we do not know that ourselves, no questions are asked (which should be our chief concern) as to what we are really transmitting to our national brethren and what do they have? All else fades into insignificance. You see, our men of the Holy Spirit were controversial and made trouble. C.T. Studd, R. Howells, J.D. Drysdale – as did Jesus and Paul – and do we really get through on lots of smooth outer points of agreement, but not the nitty gritty; and partly because all will not agree? So what? WEC was built on something more than what is given in the “normal” Bible Schools and evangelical circles. Are we still for that? – which does mean such a possession of our Weccers of a Holy Spirit-saturated life that we just cannot stop at anything less than seeing that our nationals are seized by an equal Holy Spirit possession; and that does not mean it remains respectably tucked away at our conference as something “of course” all know (but don’t and hide!!), and therefore is nicely covered by good devotionals well prepared, good prayer spells, and then “on with the job” of settling these modern “problems” of church-planting, culture shock, etc. That was not what possessed those early men who were root men for WEC; but it meant total cleavage, first in early days at Swansea College, and then WEC in 1931, to maintain on some level the originals. How fiercely those early MTC students with Godfrey Buxton used to hammer out the real meaning of “holiness!!” Oh for such days again. So, can the Spirit break through quite apart from “set” devotional papers, what not?? Will I join you in faith that HE will?