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Heart of the Gospel

by Norman P. Grubb

The only perfect Adam who never has fallen from His perfection lived by union. He knew two things. He knew His complete helplessness and His complete fullness by the Father. He knew His basic helplessness. ďI can do nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. I am nothing. I am made like that. I am Adam.Ē Adam was made like that. The human spirit was made like that. But it could contain all Divinity and all Deity. It could contain the Living God. And when the Living God condescends to join Himself to created spirits, things happen. Words are spoken, deeds are done, lives are lived which are God Himself coming out again. Thatís the secret.

So you see what Iím saying? This is not a secret which came by redemption. Itís the secret which came by creation. Therefore, I want to get this over to you. There is no other way of living life. There is no other life. Eternal Life is union and the other is not life. Therefore poor humanity that tries to suffer itself by its own wisdom is simply not life. Itís simply an illusion. Of course, the angels in hell were left like that because thatís what the devil is. The only life that is really life is a life lived by Another within us.

So you see we are only just beginning to crawl in our Christian life if all we know is justification by faith. Unless we have had imparted to us Ė not only in the head, but in the spirit, in the heartÖa working unionÖwe havenít got there. This is the heart of life. This is the heart of the Gospel. The rest is only the gateway to the Gospel.

From The Japan Talks