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As He in This World

by Norman P. Grubb

So we are now as He. Freed from our own self-problems, a permanent drive ‘eats us up’ that all the world, and that means for us all within our guided reach, must share this life’s secret which belongs to them if they but knew it, “Beloved, now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be”

And so a priest is a COMMISSIONED person. He can’t help it. He doesn’t seek out the commission, it seeks him out. It’s a divine “must”. What must? Whatever confronts us as the area within our reach where we can bring Christ to others. I had to be a witness to Christ to my fellow—soldiers in World War I. I had to knock on doors of the men’s rooms in Trinity College, Cambridge, when I went from the army to the University and invite them to come to our Christian Fellowship and find Christ, out of which came the birth of the now worldwide Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship.

And always seeing that the front line is the place for a soldier in a war, when I heard of C.T. Studd, who had sold all (being England’s great cricketer and a wealthy man) to take the gospel to tribes in Africa who had never heard of Him, I had to go and join him.

And now after years of taking Christ to the unreached peoples of the world, in my “old age”, just coming ninety, I have to take this final total reality of Christ reliving His life in our forms and going into saving action by us, to all who will give me a hearing.

This life is a glorious “have to”. Therefore in actuality, every born again son of God has at once begun to be a priest-intercessor, from the moment the Spirit has made His body His temple. We are a commissioned people!

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