Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Q. When you were in our area recently, one of the people at the fellowship meeting asked about prayer. You replied, “The God in you prays to the transcendent God.” In the past, you have been quoted as saying, “I never pray.” I know that there is a paradox here, but please explain what you mean.

A. A Prayer in the Spirit expressing His mind by us (“Praying in the Holy Ghost”—Jude 20; “The spirit of supplications”—Zech. 12:10). So it is He in us as us communing with the Father and the Son. When I say I don’t pray, I am referring to the kind of prayer which is a formal duty. Paul says, “Pray without ceasing,” so prayer can only be a continuity, a permanently inner relationship of communion, expressed in whatever inner or outer form the Spirit leads us.