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The Love-life

by Norman P. Grubb

March-April 1985 Union Life

Tell me, what does one do when one is old, alone and one’s children despitefully use them?

Georgie M., Springfield, MO

A. THE UNION LIFE editors sent me your letter, maybe because I am humanly as old as you, 85. (Of course in actual fact, where I live, I am eternal and young in God’s eternal being!)

Brother, I am glad God speaks to you by the magazine as He does to many. But He hasn’t yet revealed to you the reality of union by which, according to Galatians 2:20, you are no longer just Georgie, but Christ in His Georgie form!

For when you see this you will know that all that happens to you is actually happening to Him as you! So even if your children despitefully use you, praise God, for He is meaning to live the love-life by you towards them and all, as He did on earth and now does by us His body-members.

Don’t “see” opposing children, but “see” children each as precious to Him as you are to Him. He is their life as He is yours, though it is likely they don’t know that yet, but only know their blinded selves. If your attitude to them is the same as theirs to you, they will only see flesh—flesh seeing flesh. But if you simply love them as Christ’s, though they may not yet know it, and show them only love and acceptance in whatever way God leads you to do so, then they will see the Christ of love in the one they “despitefully use.” God is giving you maybe one final glorious chance of being Christ in the flesh towards what the world might call “enemies.”